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S-Swift, M-Mobile , A- Active, R – Resarched, T - Targetted)

Wideaxis is a master of the digital space. Media has evolved to include, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, Pininterest, WhatsApp, and the list is virtually endless. Wideaxis enables you in the Digital space of the online; mobile internet, search engines & social networks.

Wideaxis is a marketing and advertising agency that's been around since 2004, originally conceptualised in Malaysia; with experience in varied markets such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, UAE, etc.

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   Our Philosophy

Investor Relation

Wide Axis is a consortium of professionals who are stalwarts in their fields and has experience in different markets around the world. Wide Axis, Malaysia has been working in the markets of Malaysia, Singapore. Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines & UAE, since 2002.. Our associates have been working in India, Afghanistan, UK, in different industries varying from transport to cosmetics to FMCG.

Our experience is the sum of the all parts of our organisation. Our professionals have handled mega, nation-wdie campaigns for telecom majors to micro campaigns for a small product launch in a regional market. Wee have done it all and with elan.

Our Flagship product

We believe that every individual has a unique connection to the world around them. We feel well treated and respected when someone speaks to us as an individual as opposed to as a horde. All of us neither buy the same story, nor the same shampoo. We are very happy when our individual needs and wants are addressed.
Mintows is a medium that understands the needs and interests of an individual and gives him/her information based on location, interests, past choices, online and offline habits and patterns; it let's the user be rewarded for making a purchase at a particular outlet, it gives him/her immense power over the Market, the power of choice, the power of information – the power in your hands.
Mintows: (Merchants)
The ultimate marketing tool, that is so powerful it will change the way marketing is done. It combines several of the aspects of marketing into one powerful product, Mintows.
Mintows rolls surveys, data collection, data analysis, statistics, market research, advertisement, promotion, last mile recall, and customer loyalty, into one and brings the power into the palm of your hand via mobile. Yet Mintows is democratic, its for everyone, not an exclusive club for mega corportations. The cost effectiveness of its delivery, with its 100% targeted, pay as you use, and pay as you get results model, everyone can now use the best marketing tools that has so far been unaffordable for most businesses.
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What We Do

Marketing consultancy
Looking at the big picture, we come up with a holistic approach to a marketing problem, and find a solution that optimises your resources. We are a think tank. We believe that in order to market a product or service, its more important to Stand Out, than be outstanding and therefore we help you Stand Out.
How creative can we get...? Is creativity still important in the mayhem of information overdose? Absolutely. Let's explore ideas and see how we can help make your campaign simple and fantastic.
Media & PR
Today's world is a world of networking. We have valuable insight as well as access into the heart of media, Traditional, Electronic, as well a new age & social networks for effectively running a PR campaign that will give you mileage beyond compare.
Product Launch, Promotions
We can do product launches and promotions, manage events simultaneously in different cities and countries with the help of our proactive, passionate and distributed teams.
Market research
The output is only as good as the input, so to get the best results from market research, we must ensure that the data is accurate and represent the correct cross-section of the market that is being studied. We have some very cutting edge technology for surveys & data collection.

Digital Data and the Evolving Market

Digital Data and the Evolving Market
The market is an ever-changing, continuously evolving entity, everything about it varies, almost unpredictably. Marketing is the key to success, we all know that, but is it really as unpredictable as it seems?
Marketing strategy has been traditionally based on statistics, but due to limitations in statistical data, analysing it and making an accurate prediction has always been fraught with uncertainties.
However now, with millions of terabytes of real data available from a large cross-section of the market, rather than a small sample, its possible to run big data analysis and arrive at a far more accurate prediction of the market and market forces.
We have access to data scientists, analysts, algorithms & computer systems. We can efficiently obtain market data, analyst it and make verifiable predictions, harnessing the power of Data Analytics.

Key Poeple

Sandeep Banerjee

A science graduate with Physics, Post Graduate in Marketing Management & a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.

An advertising professional with over 18 years of experience who believes that no idea is potent enough unless it has a business sense.

Having started his career in research with MODE, Sandeep moved to advertising soon with the Kolkata based Contad, where he also started the e-division and ran it for 5 years.

Eventually moved to New Delhi, Saatchi & Saatchi, where he handled clients like Mother Dairy, MTS, Bata, UNICEF etc. Sandeep has launched MTS (Voice & Data) in 13 circles & Mother Dairy Probiotic and Ice cream ranges.  Also was part of the team that brought in Sony Ericsson & Videocon businesses to Saatchi Delhi.

Had a short stint with Law & Kenneth where he used to handle brands like, Dabur Real Activ, Hommade range, FEM, Gulabari & Uveda along with KENT, Lotus Herbals & Unitech before moving in to McCann Health to head the Delhi office.

In McCann Health he headed the Delhi team that handles Nestle Infant Nutrition, Nestle Health Sciences, OMRON, OLEEV, ResMed, Abbott Vascular, Dabur businesses before moving on to Hammer.

His LOVEMARKS are Sachin Tendulkar, Wasim Akram, Kevin Roberts, Steve Jobs, Kishore Kumar, John Lennon & Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Tathagata Chatterjee

Tathagata is an entrepreneur to the core. He is a mine of ideas and is able to string together necessary resources to bring those ideas to life. He has worked all over South East Asia and India in the field of Bio-technology, Renewable energy, Industrial raw materials & recycling, Information and Communication technology and Marketing & Advertising. He has experience in foreign trade, international banking, global markets and foreign exchange.

With formal education in Marketing Management and being an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) he quite understandably, took to the integration of technology and marketing, which was unprecedented at the time. He has come up with very innovative ideas and projects, the culmination of which is Mintows (www.mintows.com), an integrated tool to address all the different aspects of marketing & advertising with the help of technology, algorithms and data science which can potentially revolutionise the industry.

Widely travelled, he speaks eight languages fluently, is sensitive to the culture and psyche of over 20 nations and is considered a local in any country. He is a true global citizen, with his home base in Malaysia but sights set on the world.

His dream is to democratize technology and media through innovation and create a world without borders. His greatest inspiration is John Lennon's Imagine. His interests include, automobiles, photography, languages, cultures, cuisines, travel and art and architecture. His philosophy is that if you can imagine it, you can make it.

Arindam Mitra

A B.Tech from IIT KGP, Arindam is passionate about FLOSS [ free/libre/open-source software ] and believes in the democracy of the Cyber Age! He is the CEO of WRC Technologies Pvt Ltd - a company working exclusively on Open Source platforms. An avid follower of classic rock and Hollywood & European cinema, Arindam loves to demystify Information Technology by making it a way of life.

Partho Sen
A qualified Post Graduate in IT and a seasoned professional, having over 16 years of rich and professional experience, including over 24 months of working in International (Ireland) environment as well as an entrepreneurial venture, gaining extensive expertise in over all Business Management, Business Development, Client Interaction & Satisfaction, Project Management from Initiation to Delivery & Support Service, while Managing Technology for Project Execution.
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Marketing is a process of creative thinking, give us a call to discuss what we can do for you. Let us start thinking......!!!

Tathagata Chatterjee
India:- Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Malaysia & Singapore

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Our Philosophy

Tat Tvam Asi
Tat Tvam Asi is a Vedic philosophy which translates as “Thou Art That”. This ancient thought has driven the quest for knowledge for over 5000 years. There are myriad interpretations. However, the core of the idea is that every individual has a unique connection to the universe; the absolute or divine, and this puts the power of the universe in the hands of the individual in the form of Knowledge, Information and Vision.
Empowerment - Tat Tvam Asi
We believe in empowering individuals, be it people, businesses, threads of communication, or an individual's interaction with the world. We believe in true democratization through technology and research. This is the fundamental philosophy in everything we do.. and in the products and services we bring to the market.
What makes a powerful brand? We think a brand that brings power to the consumer is a powerful brand, a lovemark. Why and how does a brand become a lovemark? By putting the consumer above all else.


Why Wideaxis?
This is the most pertinent question our clients ask themselves, and we ask ourselves, and we want the clients to ask us. What does Wideaxis do? What sets us apart? How are we relevant to your needs?
Wideaxis is a young at heart organisation where Marketing knowledge is compounded with technical knowhow. Our founders are as much from a Scientific, Technical and IT background as they are from a Marketing background. Our people are young, fresh, vibrant and in tune with the times.
When you think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or App Store Optimization (ASO), think Wideaxis. Advertising & Marketing has been democratized by the emergence of new media, bringing the power to you. We at wideaxis enable you to tap this power and bring its benefits to you.
Email marketing, Google Adwords, Cost per impression (CPM), Cost per Click (CPC), Facebook impressions, Mintows, Targadz (targeted advertising), mobile adverts, through apps, mobile apps themselves; what will work for you, within your budget, and how to go about it is a subject that confounds us. How do you calculate the effectiveness of your campaign or the Return on Investment (ROI) on your marketing budget? Wideaxis guides you through this ocean of options and technology to achieve the result that you need.